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ZJR Vacuum Homogenization Emulsifying Machine
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ZJR Vacuum Homogenization Emulsifying Machine

  • ZTYF
  • ZJR
  • Medicine Processing
  • 220V/380V or Customized
  • 22kw

Product application: 

The important problem is scattered particle larger diameter and have air into the material when mix the heavy body emulsifications and the specialties is produce cream, ointment, emulsion series. In the process, the larger diameter of particle cause the material labialization and lack luster, if the air into the material cause the material have air bubble, bacterium pollution, apt oxidize and made the material not smoothly. Regarding to the two problems, our factory had feveloped ZJR vacuum emusifying mixer series that the main systems are homogenizer & middle (fixed) stirrer & scrapers residues stirrer, so make up into the best mixing way and in order to reach and mix the mater perfectly. Adopt the vacuum pump to draw out air form material, ensure produce the materials is rich gloss, fine and smooth and prolongs quality product with good malleability.   




Main features:
1) The pot cover is automatic rising type, the material was direated draw into the emulsifying pot from oil pot and water pot based on a pipe that is under vacuum, the discharge is based on the turn the emulsifying pot. And the heating system is electric heating or steam heating that the temperature is automation control.

2) Put the cool water into the intercalated bed so cooling the material, simple operation and safety( at the outside have a warm layer ).

3) The homogenizer and the blade stirring can together work or separate work, the material slimming, emulsification, mixing, dispersing, tec, what will finished during short time.

4) Contact position adopt high-quality stainless steel ( medical use SUS316L material make with supplies, the polishing of surface of the mirror of interior surface, mix the hygiene of the device in cavuum, it accords with the normal hygiene standard manufacture of GMP to adopt that is most ideal production equipment.)



Product details:


Machine Parts

Name: Homogeneous Head

Brand: ZTYF

Original: China

Homogeneous head with a slow mixing leaves, resulting in a strong shear force, impact force and dispersion, not only can achieve efficient mixing effect, and make the raw materials to obtain adequate crushing, mixing, emulsification and homogenization.

Main Features

Name: Working Principle 
Brand: ZTYF
Original: China
After the materials are in the water boiler and oil boiler to heating & mixing then draw into the emulsification boiler by the vacuum pump, through the middle(fixed) stirrer & teflon Scrapers residues stirrer in the emulsification boiler that sweep the residues on the wall of the boiler, so make the produces of wiped off become the new interface constantly, then the blade cut off ,compress,fold round ,mixing and running to the homogenizer, according to the high shear wheel and the cutting case to strong cutting off,impact,Without rules mobility, etc. the material by cutting in the cut interstices and turn to a particle of 200nm-2um prompt, because the emulsification boiler is under vacuum state, the bubble that the supplies produce in the course of mixing is taken away in time.


Machine Parts

Name: Vacuum Table
Brand: ZTYF
Original: China
Show the working pressure in the pot.


Main Features

Name: Light
Brand: ZTYF
Original: China
During the operation of the equipment, the lighting can make the equipment operator clearly see the mixing of the material in the pot.


Machine Parts

Name: Observation port
Brand: ZTYF
Original: China

Equipment operators through the observation port to see the pot material mixing situation.


Product show:

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