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ZG Vacuum Paste Machine
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ZG Vacuum Paste Machine

  • ZTYF
  • ZG
  • Food Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Chemical
  • 220V/380V or Customized
  • 45kw

Product application: 

Vacuum paste machine is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetic, food, chemical industry viscous paste manufacturing. It is the development by our company on the basis of abosbing and digesting the Swiss VME type and the German become ix-rw type paste machine, which has two series of internal grinding cycle and outer circulation. The complete set of equipment is equipped with a coagulation pot, pre-mixing pot, gule pot, power pot, colloid pump, operating platform, vacuum system, bottom feeding system, lifting system, control system, the system process and grinding, mixing, vacuum system of three cream is accomplished in a paste pot, signufucantly reduce the material loss, reduce the pollution of the paste, improved the production efficiency and clean.




Working principle:
The workig principle of the machine is according to the production process will be a variely of raw material in turn into the paste machine, all kinds of raw materials by strong mixing, kneading, grinding make full dispersion and mixing evenly, the vacuum degassing into a paste.


Mian feature:

1) The ointment is operated in a sealed container and operated in a vacuum state. The material is sucked through the bottom of the pot to the ensure that the production process is almost free of dust.

2) Screper mixing system using active scraper, when stirring the material, the scraper can be automatically close to the inner wall, the material scraping, so that the temperature transmission uniform, so that the material does not produce accumulation and dead ends.

3) Rapid mixing in a solution tray with a diameter of 300mm or 350mm, through the high-speed rotation of power and liquid material mixture, and in the system produced a flip pot.
4) Equipped with high-speed homogenizer or colloid mill both optional.

5) Vacuum pump with two-stage vacuum pump, and equipped with atmospheric ejector, to ensure high vacuum.

6) The use of one-step process, in the paste machine to complete all the paste operation, significantly reducing mayerial loss.

7) The supporting raw aterial conveying system, automatic measurement and control system, through PLC operation to achieve paste automation.


Product show:

ZG Vacuum Paste Machine (1)ZG Vacuum Paste Machine (2)ZG Vacuum Paste Machine (3)智彤缘丰内页_05智彤缘丰内页_06智彤缘丰内页_07智彤缘丰内页_08智彤缘丰内页_09智彤缘丰内页_10智彤缘丰内页_11FAQ (1)

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