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Weighing Semi-automatic Filling Machine
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Weighing Semi-automatic Filling Machine

  • ZTYF
  • ZGC
  • Food Chemical Pharmaceutical
  • 220V/380V or Customized

Product application:

Weighing semi-automatic filling machine using the weight method, through the weighting sensor output signal control feed valve opening to achieve the purpose of automatic canned. The feed inlet is equipped with a feed pump or a raw material tank to pressurize the material from the tank to the filling machine, before the pot can inceease the filter to remove impurities, to ensure product quality, the equipment has a high efficiency. The advantages of small filling error, in the paint, ink, paint, asphalt, glue, lubricants, petrochemical, fine chemical industry has a wide range of applications, not only for fluid canned, the same for the paste canned.





Main features:

1) Fast filling speed, wide range of applications.

2) High filling accuracy, high degree of intelligence.

3) Excellent environmental indicators, security.


Product show:

Weighing Semi-automatic Filling Machien (1)Weighing Semi-automatic Filling Machien (3)Weighing Semi-automatic Filling Machien (4)Weighing Semi-automatic Filling Machien (2)智彤缘丰内页_05智彤缘丰内页_06智彤缘丰内页_07智彤缘丰内页_08智彤缘丰内页_09智彤缘丰内页_10智彤缘丰内页_11FAQ (1)

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