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Multi-function Powerful Dispersing Mixer
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Multi-function Powerful Dispersing Mixer

  • ZTYF
  • DPY
  • Liquid with Suspended Solids, Chemicals Processing
  • 380V or Customized

Product introduction:

Multi-function powerful dispersion mixer is a hydraulic system in the single-axis mixer on the basis of the development of a strong dispersion and mixing function of the product, according to whether the multi-axis and concentric multi-axis. The product of high viscosity and thixotropic materials have good adaptability, a variety of mixing methods optional, conventional such as anchor, spiral, blade, butterfly and frame, etc, scattered and agitation can be carried out at the same time, strong adaptability, and according to customer material characteristics and production process requirements for non-standard custom, the design of the best mixing form.



Paint, Putty, Ink, Adhesives, Energy, Electronic appliances, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and other industries products dispersion, mixed.


Main features:

1) High mixing efficiency, wide range of applications.

2) Easy to operate and safe.

3) Material non-stick wall, the material clean.

4) Non-standard.


Product show:

Multi-function Powerful Dispersing Mixer (1) Multi-function Powerful Dispersing Mixer (3) Multi-function Powerful Dispersing Mixer (2) 智彤缘丰内页_05 智彤缘丰内页_06 智彤缘丰内页_07 智彤缘丰内页_08 智彤缘丰内页_09 智彤缘丰内页_10 智彤缘丰内页_11 FAQ (1)

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