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Multi-function Emulsifying Mixer Machine
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Multi-function Emulsifying Mixer Machine

  • ZTYF
  • ZJD
  • Medicine Processing
  • 220V/380V or Customized
  • 22kw

Product application:

Multi-function emulsifier from the tank, mixing device and intermittent high shear emulsifier composition. The slow stirrer is composed of an intermediate folding blade type stirrer and a box-type stirrer capable of mixing with a high viscosity. A scraper is provided around the frame stirrer. The scraper serves to make the inner wall of the container and the material continually creates a new interface without leaving any dead ends. High-speed homogenization emulsifier is composed of high-speed impeller and tator with radial guide grooves. The specially designed impeller up and down the high-speed rotation of the leaves, so the material from the impeller up and down the high pressure inhalation, after the impeller with centrifugal high-speed ejection. Due to the impeller and the stator between the smaller gap, so the material was inhaled and thrown in process of a strong shear, extrusion, mixing, spraying, high-frequency shock and a series of complex physical reactions, so that the mixture fully emulsified, due to slow mixing for the same speed reverse left and right continuous, and ultimately the entire container of materials from top to bottom continue to cycle, mixed, homogeneous, emulsified.




Application areas:

1) Food industry: soy sauce, condiment, mayonnaise, cottage cheese, fast food, baby food, jam, pet food, starch solution, west point sauce, salad dressing.

2) Cosmetics industry: emulsion, sunscreen products, perfume, decorative cosmetics, shampoo, hair dye, hand soap, liquid soap, toothpaste, collagen suspension emulsion carbon emulsion. 

3) Chemical industry: detergent, polishing agent, lubricant, pigment, paint, preservative, solvent, wax emulsion, polymer emulsification, silicon emulsion, peptizer, catalyst suspension, titanium dioxide suspension emulsion, penetrant, insecticide, fungicides.

4)  Pharmaceuticals industry: ointment, gel, eye drops, cough syrup, injection solution, sugar/salt solution, suppositories, sugar coating, shampoo(oil-in-water or water-in-oil), paraffin emulsion, fat emulsion, decomposition of vegetable ingredients, preservative, serum, vaccine.

5)  Drink: fruit juice, vegetable juice, milk mixed drink, protein drink, spices, liqueur, alginate.


Product details:

Machine Parts

Name: Stir

Brand: ZTYF 

Original: China

Using two-way mixing method to improve the mixing effect of materials, mixing box above the round hole can effectively improve the cutting effect.

Main Features

Name: Discharge valve
Brand: ZTYF
Original: China
After the material is produced, the pot bottom valve is opened and the material flows out from the bottom of the pot.

Machine Parts

Name: Light
Brand: ZTYF
Original: China
During the operation of the equipment, the lighting can make the equipment operator clearly see the mixing of the material in the pot.

Main Features

Name: Dispersed Discs
Brand: ZTYF
Original: China
Dispersed discs can be effectively mixed with preheated materials.



Product show:

Multi-function Emulsifying Mixer Machine (1)Multi-function Emulsifying Mixer Machine (2)智彤缘丰内页_05智彤缘丰内页_06智彤缘丰内页_07智彤缘丰内页_08智彤缘丰内页_09智彤缘丰内页_10智彤缘丰内页_11FAQ (1)

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