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CZ-D Lipstick Freezing Table
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CZ-D Lipstick Freezing Table

  • ZTYF
  • CZ-D
  • Cosmetic
  • 220V/380V or Customized
Product application:
The CZ-D lipstick freezing table is an indispensable device in the making process of lipstick. It is used to quickly freeze the module of lipstick after filling to pre-set temperature thus to ensure its service performance. The machine is featured with a prefect temperature performance, reliable performance and easy maintenance.
Specifications For CZ-D lipstick freezing table:

Freezing table size 900*600mm
Compressor power 3h.p
Freezing temp. range 0℃-20 ℃, temperature adjustable, liquid crystal display
Freezing capacity 3000 calories
Refrigerant R22/R502
Cooling fan 3 phase/120W
MTC2110 temp Ambient temp.: -20℃-85℃
Working temp.: -40℃-50℃
Precision: ±1℃
Composition Brass freezing table, stainless steel cover and water tank, dual door
Power supply AC380V±10%50Hz
Dimension 980*680*850mm
Weight 200kg


Product show:

CZ-D Lipstick Freezing Table (1)CZ-D Lipstick Freezing Table (2)CZ-D Lipstick Freezing Table (3)CZ-D Lipstick Freezing Table (4)智彤缘丰内页_05智彤缘丰内页_06智彤缘丰内页_07智彤缘丰内页_08智彤缘丰内页_09智彤缘丰内页_10智彤缘丰内页_11FAQ (1)

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