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Continuously Variable Governing Conveyer
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Continuously Variable Governing Conveyer

  • ZTYF
  • PL
  • 220/380V or customized

Chain conveyor:

The conveying surface of the chain scarper conveyor is flat and smooth with small friction. The transition of materials between the conveying lines is stable. It can be used to convey various glass bottles, PET bottles and popcans, etc. materials, as well as various luggage and baggage. The chain scraper can be made of stainless steel and engineering plastic materials. The flat plates or dissepiments of various structures and forms connecting the traction chain can be used as supporting components to support and convey materials.

Belt conveyor:

The belt conveyor is an economic conveying device, which is suitable for conveying powder and granule materials below 100kg. It has such features as stable operation, low noise, continuous conveying and beautiful appearance, etc.  In addition to conveying ordinary materials, the belt conveyor can also convey oil-resistant, heat-resistant, anticorrosive and anti-static special materials.


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