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New products are coming online, So stay tuned!
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New products are coming online, So stay tuned!

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In 2006, Wuxi Badi Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was established. In 2012, It was renamed Wuxi Zhitong Yuanfeng Technology Co. Ltd. The company has many years of non-standard machinery and equipment research and development and manufacturing experience, the company stresses credibility, attention to technology, depending on the quality of life, advanced and reliable products to meet domestic and foreign markets, the company mainly includes vacuum homogenization emulsifier, high shear emulsification machine, planetary mixer, power mixer, paste machine, emulsion grinding machine, reactor, filling capping / gland / sealing machine and automatic packaging production line.

●The company has passed CE and ISO9001 quality management system certification to ensure that the factory product quality

●Each product has been thousands of quality inspection process, each process by the quality inspection staff rigorous testing

●Zhitong Yuanfeng face the vast number of consumers with a new face

●Real factory direct sale, avoid the intermediate cost, the price is lower than the peers 10%-15%

●Zhitong Yuanfeng emulsifier, low cost, factory direct sales, primary sources, no intermediate links, cheap sales for you to save money.

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